"Meet Russell's Friend From Malaysia, Who You Have NEVER Seen Or Heard Of Before?"

Patric Chan - Super Affiliate, ClickBank Platinum Partner & Best-Selling Author

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This page is about getting Russell's latest book, Traffic Secrets, for FREE in March (you'll just need to take care the handling & shipping fees).

If you do not know who's Russell Brunson, he's the author of 2 amazing books, DotCom Secrets and Experts Secrets and he is the organizer of Funnel Hacking Event - the most anticipated digital marketing event in our industry.

But more impressively, Russell is the founder of ClickFunnels, which is recognized as the top funnel builder software in the world. 

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Why You Probably Don't Know Me :)

I'm not here to brag, but the reason why you don't see me anywhere is because I don't attend events/seminars or join any mastermind. Of course, my business would be better if I do so - but at this stage, I don't have to.

I don't get on any podcast interviews and I don't have much followings in social media. Again, because I don't need to.

Also, you are unlikely to see any of my ads promoting my own product either. 

BUT when Russell launched his first book, DotCom Secrets, I supported the launch and was the top 10 Joint Venture partners/affiliates.

That's why, there's a picture of me with Russell Brunson on a racing circuit - he brought us there to hang out together with everyone, for being his top 10 JV partners in Vegas.

You see, I'm "unknown" because I don't need to attend events, masterminds or even do Podcast to build my digital eCommerce business inside ClickBank successfully. 

I build my internet business under stealth mode - so I have freedom to spend time with my family.

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With Russell in Vegas. As his top 10 JV partners/affiliates, he brought us to a racing circuit and treat us to drift in Ferarri's and Lambo's.
On stage, receiving my award for being the top 10 JV partner in his DotComSecrets Book launch.

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  • I trust Russell Brunson's work and I know you'll benefit by learning from him
  • You need to learn about getting traffic to succeed online
  • I just love some challenges to promote this launch, competing with thousands of other affiliates :)

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I Don't Have Russell's Award Because Funnel Is Not My Expertise... But I Have ClickBank's Platinum Award For 7 Years In A Row.

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